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Duke Nukem 2

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Also known as:
  • Duke Nukum II
  • Duke Nukem II
Category: Platform
Year: 1993
Violence: No
Part of group:
DOSBox: Supported (show details)
More details: MobyGames
Rating: ****+


Beautiful graphics, for that time of course, and an absorbing gameplay with super sound made this a beautiful platformer, worthy to follow the classic Duke Nukem original. Large levels full of bonus containers, complicated jumps, mean monsters and all the classic Duke Nukem running-and-jumping-action make for hours of enjoyable fun. If you were never introduced to the steps in the world of PC games that led to the modern classics, then this is one of your best chances to get into what all the nostalgia is about.

Description by MobyGames


Please note that the following cheat codes will only work in the registered version of this game:

E-A-T: Regain maximum health (score is reset to zero)
N-U-K: Get a random weapon and all items needed to complete the current level

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  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem 2
  • Duke Nukem 2


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Duke Nukem 2

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