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IndyCar Racing II

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Also known as:
  • IndyCar Racing 2 (alternate spelling)
Category: Racing
Year: 1996
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DOSBox: Supported (show details)
Rating: ***+

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includes installer
executable: ICR2DEMO.EXE
Playable demo
6,744 kB
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  • Choose from any of 15 real IndyCar ® tracks. (image by Sierra Entertainment)
  • All 15 tracks were created from the site blueprints, including actual buildings, bridges, walls and even the sponsors. (image by Sierra Entertainment)
  • Watch any car from multiple camera angles for perfect replays. (image by Sierra Entertainment)
  • Going 138 in 4th gear. You don't even want to know what you can do in 5th. Or do you?..... (image by Sierra Entertainment)
  • Don't get distracted! The graphics look great, but keep your eye on the road. You can check out the video screen on the replay. (image by Sierra Entertainment)
  • Use the Rear Chase View on the replay to see what the other cars were doing behind you. (image by Sierra Entertainment)
  • This is one of the two arcade views that provide you with an "outside-rear" perspective of your IndyCar ® while you're racing, instead of the standard view from behind the wheel. (image by Sierra Entertainment)

Description (by Sierra Entertainment)

The original IndyCar has been completely re-developed and enhanced. Experience true-to-life IndyCar handling characteristics, 15 real tracks from the IndyCar circuit, and a behind-the-wheel driving experience that's heart-poundingly authentic!



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IndyCar Racing II



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