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Absolute Zero (CD Demo)

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Category: Simulation
Year: 1995
Game added by: MrFlibble
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DOSBox: Supported

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executable: azcd-brw.bat
configured for DOSBox
Playable demo (installed)
13,703 kB
(13.38 MB)
includes installer
Playable demo
13,734 kB
(13.41 MB)


The demo takes a while to load.


  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Image by MrFlibble
  • Image by MrFlibble

Description (by MrFlibble)

This is an early, pre-release interactive demo version of Absolute Zero (internally labelled v0.1). It gives the player a guided tour of Jupiter's icy moon Europa with a voice-over narration. Only a turret mission is available, while the full game (and the second demo) also contain levels where you fly combat aircraft.

Absolute Zero was created with an advanced version of Domark Software and Simis' Flight Sim Toolkit construction set, which added support for texture mapping and higher screen resolutions.

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Absolute Zero (CD Demo)



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