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Family Barn

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Category: Managerial
Year: 2013

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Description (by Plinga)

Start your family adventure today. Raise cute animals, grow beautiful trees and flowers, and share milk, cheese, homemade bread and other fruit from your farm with your neighbors, or sell them on the nearby market. Experience the great satisfaction of running a flourishing family business and turn your little square of land into a fertile and beautiful place.

Daily missions offer new challenges and reveal mysteries. Care for your animals, harvest your crops, sow new seeds on your fields and soon you will see your farm growing fast. Throw parties for your neighbours, breed your own horses and fly between your garden and your home in your private hot air balloon!

.Super cute graphics and an ever growing number of animals, plants and decorations. Intuitive game management, great tutorials and a personal mentor that guides you. Help your friends and share the fruits of your labours with them. Daily missions offer great achievements and weekly updates provide new objects and features. And most importantly... you will have a great gaming experience and a lot of fun!


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Family Barn



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