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Master of Magic

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Category: Turn-Based Strategy
Year: 1994
More details: MobyGames
Game added by: MrFlibble
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Master of


The demo allows to play as one of the two opposing wizards, and lacks the save and load game functions.

NOTE: This game uses a DOS installer. For details on how to install a game in DOSBox, please check this tutorial.


  • You can pick one of two wizards in the demo version (image by MrFlibble)
  • A hero and his army are about to lay siege to a neutral town (image by MrFlibble)
  • Managing a settlement is very similar to Civilization (image by MrFlibble)
  • Reseraching new spells is similar to reseraching new technologies in Civilization (image by MrFlibble)
  • As your town grows more buildings become available (image by MobyGames)
  • Scouting the map with individual units (image by MrFlibble)
  • The stats of a well developed neutral town (image by MrFlibble)
  • A hero wishes to join the player's army (image by MrFlibble)
  • Laying siege to a neutral fortified town (image by MrFlibble)
  • The hero has gained a level (image by MrFlibble)
  • You can summon magical creatures to your aid (image by MrFlibble)
  • About to cast a spell during combat (image by MrFlibble)

Description (by MrFlibble)

Master of Magic is a turn-based strategy game similar in many aspects to Sid Meier's Civilization, but with a fantasy theme. Taking the role of a powerful wizard, the player builds up and conquers cities, researches spells and commands armies and heroes to ultimately conquer all opponents.

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Master of Magic



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