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5 Days A Stranger

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5 Days A Stranger is a horror-themed point-and-click adventure game created by Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw using the Adventure Game Studio (AGS) development kit. It is much more polished and has noticeably better art than Yahtzee's previous games, and also has a much darker tone, with Lovecraftian horror taking the central theme instead of silly humour.

The player controls Trilby, a "gentleman thief" as he calls himself, who breaks into a mansion of a recently deceased rich couple, but instead finds himself trapped in the house with four other strangers, trying to figure out what mysterious force prevents them from leaving. The game plays as one would expect of the genre, with Trilby walking around the house, interacting with items and talking to other characters. In addition to the high-wuality artwork, there are sound effects (but not spoken dialogue) that add to the atmosphere.

5 Days A Stranger was originally released as a Windows-only game, but, like many other AGS games of the time, it can be played under DOS using the DOS version of the AGS engine. The game is freeware. Originally, a "Special Edition" was available to users who made a donation to Yahtzee, but now this is also available as a free download from his website.

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