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Alone in the Dark

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Also known as:
  • Screams in the Dark (working title)
  • In the Dark (working title)
  • AITD (common abbreviation)
Category: Adventure
Year: 1992
More details: MobyGames
Part of group:
DOSBox: Supported (show details)
Rating: ****

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executable: ALONE.BAT
configured for DOSBox
Playable demo (installed)
1,189 kB
(1.16 MB)
includes installer
executable: ALONE.EXE
Playable demo
1,209 kB
(1.18 MB)

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Description (by Interplay Productions)

A masterpiece based on the writings of the best-selling author H.P. Lovecraft, this thriller shrouded in mystery offers lovers of the who dunnit genre the adrenaline rush of being terrified in a chilling 3D adventure of intense action. A dark horror adventure in the role-playing tradition, this title has won numerous awards on multiple platforms and comes full circle with its release on the 32x.

A suspicious suicide. A chilling curse. A malevolent power. A dark and wicked secret. This is Derceto, legendary Louisiana mansion and home to the late Jeremy Hartwood and host of unspeakable evils. As either detective Edward Carnby or Hartwood's niece Emily, the player must uncover the truth by investigating the old mansion whose walls harbor the horror within.

Players must be prepared for the torturous howls that resound from within as they search the dark halls, shadowy corridors and gloom-filled rooms of Derceto. The player must solve the mystery before the eerie depths of Derceto rise up to swallow the only chance of survival that exists. But the player must always be on guard or it will be too late to turn back and he must make it through this chilling adventure alone...and in the dark.

Outstanding highlights of this title include up to nine different camera angles in each room of the mansion which enhances the cinematic feel by allowing full immersion into the experience. Digitized sound effects and music puts the haunt into this house and real-time animation brings the 3D polygon characters to life.



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Alone in the Dark



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