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Around the World

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Developer: TMB Productions
More details:Official game website
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Game description

Around the World is a colourful arcade platform game featuring an anthropomorphic wolf that travels around the world on behalf of a museum, tasked with acquiring four items of interest to add to its collection. The locals seem to be noncooperating on this, so the lupine treasure hunter will have to neutralise them, by any means necessary. (You can watch the game intro from the options menu.)

The game itself has a very light tone and a nice cartoonish style. An interesting feature is that for every location, the wolf is dressed differently and uses a different weapon, appropriate to the country he travels to. The game itself is extremely easy, as enemies and obstacles pose little challenge. Still, gameplay is smooth and the music is quite nice.

Around the World was coded in QuickBasic and released as freeware. The developers also made the source code available to the public, but it is not found online at present.

Description by MrFlibble

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