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A.R.S.E.N.A.L Taste the Power

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Category: Real-Time Strategy
Year: 1998
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Game added by: MrFlibble
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executable: arsen11s.exe
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  • Image by Tactical Soft
  • Image by Tactical Soft
  • Image by Tactical Soft
  • Image by Tactical Soft
  • Image by Tactical Soft
  • Image by Tactical Soft

Description (by Tactical Soft)

This our first big project - A THRILLING REAL TIME WARGAME!

  • SVGA graphics (640x480 - 800x600 - 1024x768) featuring real time video mode changing
  • Random map generation (more than a billion maps available for custom game)
  • A (real) Artificial Intelligence for war engine to give you hard time!
  • Three different landscapes (Europe - Desert - Arctic)
  • Uploadable language kits (English - French - German...)
  • Preset campaign games and random custom games
  • This is a world concept (not a map concept), there's no map edges
  • A detailed hardware encyclopedia to get the best advantage of each unit
  • 1 hour original music on CD Audio (registered version)
  • Full realistic engines featuring:
    • More than 30 units based on 2nd world war (ground - sea - air)
    • Real flying aircrafts (landing & take off from airfield & carrier as well)
    • Civilization like research management
    • 4 secret weapons (atomic bomb, toxic missile, buzz bomb, kamikaze)
    • Fuel Management
    • Repairing facilities
    • Ranking up for armed units



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A.R.S.E.N.A.L Taste the Power



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