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Developer: Epsilon Soft
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Biobombers is an obscure freeware arcade shooter similar to Space Invaders with a bit of Paratrooper thrown in. The player controls a turret that moves along the surface of a seemingly lifeless planet while swarms of organic-looking aliens fly overhead.

The turret can shoot what appears like an electric beam at the aliens (aimed with either mouse or joystick), while the latter shoot back, trying to destroy the turret. The projectiles released by the aliens can be destroyed by the beam as well, offering a degree of protection. Some aliens take one hit to destroy, while others take 15 hits, and some objects are indestructible. The player also has a limited supply of missiles that can damage all aliens on the screen, but will not one-hit the tougher ones.

Biobombers was written by Javier Asensi PĂ©rez in C++ and released as freeware. An earlier version of the game took the second place in a video game programming contest run by Spanish PC magazine PC Actual.

Description by MrFlibble

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