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BIPROLEX+ is an unusual genre hybrid that combines elements of Tetris and Arkaniod into a competitive game for two players (which can be also played against a computer opponent).

At the bottom part of the screen, there is the usual Arkanoid paddle controlled by one of the players, but at the top, there is a "Tetris paddle" that releases tetromino blocks. Each player aims to collect special blocks, but also tried to annihilate the opponent by following the respective games' rules: the Tetris player needs to complete rows of blocks while the Arkanoid player must destroy blocks with a ball and side-mounted cannons. There are also various creatures that roam the playing field and interact with other objects.

BIPROLEX+ is a freeware re-release of the originally shareware game and comes with over 80 levels and three game modes. The main menu is really counter-intuitive and a chore to navigate, but you basically need to set up all the game parameters (active players, game mode, etc.) before you press new game. Also, if playing against an AI opponent, you do not need to enter player password.

Description by MrFlibble

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