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Boboli The Mighty Knight

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  • executable: BOBOLI.EXE
  • includes source code


Use the arrow keys to move around, Q to swing the sword, W to use selected inventory item (except swords), A to pick up or drop items and S to scroll through the inventory.

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Game description

Boboli The Mighty Knight is a Gauntlet-style overhead-view fantasy dungeon crawler with some light RPG elements. The player controls Boboli, the mighty knight (obviously), who explores a dungeon full of monsters on his quest to defeat the wizard Sylabulus. The game can be played by two players over a COM port connection.

Boboli can swing his sword, shoot crossbow bolts and even find and cast magic spells. Like in Gauntlet, there are monster generators that will spawn endless waves of monsters of a particular type unless destroyed. Fighting enemies increases Boboli's skills, allowing him to level up to become strong enough to face the final boss. There are also items like more powerful weapons and spell scrolls scattered across the dungeon to be picked up.

The game was released as freeware along with the source code. There appears to be no sound effects or music. A map editor is included.

Description by MrFlibble

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