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Brudal Baddle: The Quest for Talis Ra

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Developer: Sandbird Software
Publisher: Sandbird Software
More details:MobyGames

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Game description

Brudal Baddle tries to be a Mortal Kombat style fighting game, but ends up being cheap and silly. It features digitized actors as fighters and pre-rendered backgrounds, all of extremely subpar quality. The story uses the same cliché time travel plot as Timeslaughter or Savage Warriors to bring together fighters from different epochs, but falls flat on its face due to poor execution. The characters are blurry sprites devoid of any personality, and the backgrounds feel eerie and bizarre, failing to convey the sense of different times and places.

The game's main weak point is its poor combat system and the helpless AI. The action feels bland and erratic, with dubious collision detection and awkward animations, and the AI opponents pose no challenge once you figure out their limitations. In fact, the entire shareware version can be completed by simply ducking and punching every opponent as they helplessly try to attack you. On top of that, all characters seem to have similar special attacks. At least, all three available characters used the same fireball attack (useless when you're ducking).

The unregistered shareware version includes three characters, with the full one offering five more plus the final boss.

Description by MrFlibble

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