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Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness

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Also known as:
  • Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness, Special Edition (shareware title)
Category: Educational
Year: 1994
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Game added by: MrFlibble
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In this Special Edition, you will go with Captain Bible as he battles through one building to release the victim trapped there.


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Description (by Bridgestone Multimedia Group)

Captain Bible is a super hero with a difference! His power comes from the Bible. He has no special powers of his own, but is able to overcome all the deceptions and lies of darkness through the skillful application of the Word of God. Captain Bible's mission is to be teleported into the city and knock out the Tower of Deception which is generating the dome. He must use the Unibot to destroy the Tower. However, he needs the help of seven people (the council members) to operate the Unibot. He first has to rescue them, for by now they must be deceived.

Along the way, Captain Bible will encounter many of the deception cybers which will try to block his path. Each cyber is guarded by a lie, and it takes just the right verse from his computer Bible to get past that lie so that it can be attacked. Then Captain Bible still has to find each cyber's weak point in order to successfully combat and destroy it.

Unfortunately, the process of teleportation wipes out Captain Bible's computer Bible clear of all scriptures! Anticipating this, the Bible Corps has already transported scripture stations into the city, where Captain Bible can re-charge his computer Bible. Fortunately, Captain Bible's faith and prayer will get him through these challenges if you help him meaningfully apply the Bible.


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Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness



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