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NOTE: You can play this demo natively on Windows using a third-party engine recreation (please see the links section at the bottom of the page).

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The year is 2028 and you are in the race of your life. SCi's new state-of-the-art 3D auto-carnage game, Carmageddon sees you pit you wits against 25 other manic drivers over 36 race circuits in your quest to become Prince of the Pile-up.

Ever felt the urge to leave the road and head for the hills? Carmageddon allows you to do just that, giving the driver total freedom to explore every environment in all its detail and allowing you to discover hidden pick-ups and bonuses. Sewers, underwater circuits, deserts, beaches, labyrinthine mineshafts and rooftops are all contained within the different race environments. In fact we can safely say 'the sky's the limit' in Carmageddon.

Amazing 3D graphics
Carmageddon boasts stunning 3D graphics and true car response which means you can throw your car into a 360 degree tyre screeching turn, do rapid handbrake corners and even watch your car slowly burn after a horrific collision. At last, thanks to amazingly sophisticated graphics, cars crumple in the correct manner when hit, meaning no two crashes are ever the same. Furthermore, the tongue-in-cheek cartoonesque black humour featured in the game sets the scene and adds an original twist to the stunning 3D visuals. Not only can cars be the target...

In-Game detail
The intricate detail does not stop there; when the handbrake is applied at speed you will leave a pair of scorched rubber marks, as well as sliding left and right as your car grinds along a tunnel wall to an ear-screeching halt. But watch out for the ever present oil slicks!

Multiplayer action
Among its many unique attributes, Carmageddon features a multitude of contestants each with their own personalized vehicle, from a blade-infested dragster to a supercharged APC, and all drivers possess an Artificial Intelligence that means they'll remember who jacked their car up around their ears in the last race. Alternatively you can choose one of several multiplayer network games: there's nothing better than smashing into people you know!

Skill and speed
Rather than just meandering from race to race, Carmageddon has a structured ranking system where you work your way up from 99th to 1st place. As your rank increases you are able to take part in more dangerous races and have access to even greater power-ups from the parts shops. This isn't, however as easy as it sounds. You will soon find that Carmageddon is easy to play but difficult to master and you'll need more than furry dice and a fast monitor to progress through to the Number 1 slot.

Description by Sales Curve Interactive

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  • Dethrace (Carmageddon engine recreation)

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Game video by Ancient DOS Games