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Castle of Viana - Capiroto's Revenge

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Developer: Daniel "MontyOnTheRun" Monteiro, Pedro Fernandes
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Use the arrow keys to move, Z to jump, Space bar to swing the sword and X to shoot arrows.

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Game description

Castle of Viana - Capiroto's Revenge is a retro stylised arcade platform game with CGA graphics. The player character explores the floating castle of Viana do Castelo in order to defeat the demon Capiroto.

The game is split into multiple fixed-screen rooms with various obstacles and monsters, which will respawn every time the player re-enters a room. At the player's disposal is a sword and a bow with unlimited arrows to dispatch the baddies. Some areas are behind locked doors, and the player must collect keys to open them and progress further.

Castle of Viana was developed for a DOS game jam and released as freeware. The game runs on real hardware and can use the LPT port for music, but this does not work in DOSBox. There are no sound effects.

Description by MrFlibble

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