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Also known as:
  • Catacombs
Category: Shooter
Year: 1990
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Description (by MrFlibble)

Catacomb is a top-down shooter game with a fantasy setting, which is a precursor of sorts to The Catacomb Abyss and other Catacomb series games. Programmed by none other than John Carmack himself, it's an "almost" id Software title from the time when the core id team (Carmack, John Romero and Tom Hall) were still working for Softdisk Publishing.

Catacomb was published by Softdisk on a Gamer's Edge Sampler Disk along with Dangerous Dave by John Romero. The entire disk is free to distribute as long as its contents are unaltered.

However, a commercial sequel to the game, confusingly titled The Catacomb, was released in 1991 and is currently available for purchase in digital stores. This game is essentially an expansion pack to the original Catacomb, with largely identical graphics but a new campaign spanning 30 more levels.

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