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Clif Danger

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Category: Platform
Year: 1996
More details: MobyGames
Game added by: MrFlibble
DOSBox: Supported

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The shareware version contains the entire first episode, set in the jungle, which is four levels long. There are five more episodes in the registered version.

NOTE: This game uses a DOS installer. For details on how to install a game in DOSBox, please check this tutorial.


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Description (by MrFlibble)

The warlike Glox have occupied planet Pleasure 6, home of the peaceful Amazons, with the intention of building a military training installation there. Those Amazons who tried to oppose the invaders are now held captive. Intergalactic hero Clif Danger picks up the distress call sent buy the Amazon Queen, and rushes to the rescue.

Clif Danger is a typical side-scrolling platform game. To complete a level, the player needs to rescue all captive Amazons before reaching the exit. There are four different weapons Clif can find and use, and each can be powered up to deal more damage. The levels are packed with various enemies and traps. Some areas of a level require keycards to access, and there are secret bonus areas as well.



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Clif Danger



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