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Cool Cat

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Developer: Fran Vong
Related games: Self-published

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Game description

Cool Cat is a simple but interesting arcade platform game with a sci-fi setting (which you'd never guess from the title). The player controls a robot that somewhat resembles a metallic chicken with a gun. You walk around a high-tech compound collecting diamonds, but enemy chicken robots and other hazards stand in your way. The objective is to collect 90 diamonds and reach the "goal". There is no save/load game option and a limited number of lives, like in an arcade game.

The game mechanics and the premise are rather simple, and the combat is nothing to speak of, as the player's gun has unlimited ammo and takes out enemy guardians in one hit. However, the game still poses a challenge by cleverly combining the elements, and although it does not reach the levels of classics like Prince of Persia, it still can be fun nonetheless, even if only for a while.

Cool Cat was released as freeware.

Description by MrFlibble

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