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Developer: Pavlos Touboulidis
More details:Official game website
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  • Extra
  • MS-DOS
  • 776 kB (0.76 MB)

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Game description

CRTetris is a Tetris variant that runs in high resolution and features various level backgrounds, music and sound effects. It plays by the standard rules, with the exception that after clearing the predefined number of lines to complete a level, all other blocks are removed from the playing field before the next level starts. This reduces the challenge by a lot, as in a classic Tetris game, any clutter left by the player remains until no more tetrominoes can fit onto the playing field.

One special feature of CRTetris is the option to create custom themes with user-made level backgrounds and music. No special tools are required for this, as the game recognizes popular image formats such as BMP and JPEG. One fan has created a Britney Spears theme, but no other themes for this game are known at the moment.

Description by MrFlibble

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