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Cukeland Adventure

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Developer: Hugo Windisch
Related games: Self-published

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  • executable: CUKEWEB.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox


Press Alt to jump, Ctrl to throw things from your inventory, D to drop items near yourself.

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Game description

Cukeland Adventure is a puzzle-platformer that seems to have been in part inspired by Commander Keen: Keen Dreams in terms of visuals and the plot, but is very heavy on the puzzle part. You control Tom, a boy or a young man who needs to collect all candy in a strange, dream-like world while avoiding or dispatching monsters that inhabit it.

The candy looks like red doughnuts, and once all has been collected, you need to find the exit to get to the next level (there are six in total). There is a limited number of powerups that you can collect in a level, which include bottles of salad dressing that neutralise vegetable monsters, and Venus flytraps that will devour the small red creatures that look like Zerglings a bit.

In addition to these scarce weapons, there are keys which will temporarily activate magical objects which can be identified by the sparkling aura around them. These include walls that become passable for a while, walls and ladders that become solid, again for a limited time. The number of keys is strictly limited, so it's very easy to get stuck if you tarry too long and the effect they produce dissipates.

As mentioned above, the game is super heavy on the puzzle part and will punish you mercilessly as you trial-and-error through it. There appears to be only one correct path through the levels, which you will need to figure out. There are no spare keys lying around, so should you use them in the wrong order, you can just as well restart the level.

Another tricky mechanic is that the more items you carry around, the heavier you become, and will be unable to make high jumps, making it impossible to reach certain areas unless you drop some of the items you have. This encourages to use the items as soon as you find them. For example, in the very first level there are two vegetable dressing bottles, one found right at the start, and another at the bottom of the level. And there are two cucumber monsters you need to neutralise in order to progress smoothly.

If you choose to keep the first bottle and go to the bottom with it, using the weapon to take care of the monster that guards a Venus flytrap, you will not be able to take the second bottle back up, as carrying it makes you too heavy to make the jump needed to get out of the pit. Of course, this is something the player cannot know beforehand, and may only be learned through trial and error.

Cukeland Adventure was created as a "game-writing experiment". The author called it shareware, but the readme does not contain any registration information. There are six levels in total, and no sound effects or music.

Description by MrFlibble

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