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This is a liberated game: it was originally sold, but author John R. McCawley III released the game and its source code as freeware under the LGPL license (please see the links section below).

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Experience Cylindrix

Cylindrix is a 3-on-3 combat game with 360º of death. Attack and be attacked from all angles. Battle in huge orbiting arenas each unique in physics, atmospheric conditions and configuration.

Build your team from 37 warriors from 10 alien races. Select on of 8 vehicles, each unique in maneuverability, speed, and firepower. Each vehicle also has a special weapon such as the Traitor Bomb or the Anti-Missle System.

Experience 10 Levels of Alien Hell with the Tournament Game. Make your own misery with the Custom game. make it personal with an IPX Network and Null Modem game.

Experience 3D AI

This is ground breaking artificial intelligence. We aren't kidding. It is way beyond anything you have ever experienced. Constant battle action demands you stay in control,

The computer doesn't wait. It knows the rules of the game and plays to win. Memorization will not help you. There are no patterns here. It is impossible to play the same game twice because the AI reacts to thousands of world variables.

The AI handles situations like a human. No blind decisions. Attack enemies, maintain shields, collect energy, evade, follow orders -- 3D AI out thinks you and doesn't cheat!

Description by Softdisk Publishing

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