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Death Rally

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Also known as:
  • Hi-Speed (working title)
  • Death Race (working title)
Category: Racing
Year: 1996
More details: MobyGames
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DOSBox: Supported (show details)
Rating: ****+

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executable: DRALLY.BAT
configured for DOSBox
Shareware (installed)
6,693 kB
(6.54 MB)
includes installer
6,796 kB
(6.64 MB)

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Death Rally ClassicSteam


NOTE: Remedy Entertainment released a free Windows port of the game in 2009 (see the links section below). The free version is now also available from Steam.


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Description (by Apogee Software)

Death in the fast lane! Death Rally is a pure-action blast-fest in a hot new racing game. Unless you can handle your machine guns and mines as well as the curves in the road, you're road kill. Drive by shooting. Get the picture? Earn cash each race, buy death for your opponents in the shops. Simple as that. Also buy new cars, engines, wheels and armor. No cash? Then take a loan from the loan shark--but you better have it when it's time to pay back! We're talking top-down racing in a cool 3D engine. We're talking a game with beautiful graphics, thrashing music and pinpoint gameplay. We're talking Duke Nukem is one of the racers! Why has this game been the #1 Internet download for at least 7 straight weeks? 'Cause it rocks! Duhh. See for yourself.

Cheats (by

Type these cheats, one key at a time, within menu:

DRAW: Get $1000
DROOL: Get $500000
DRIVE: Get 10 points (only in registered version)
DROP: Drop 10 points

Type these cheats, one key at a time, during the game:

DRUG: Mushroom effect
DRINK: Rocket fuel
DRUB: No-damage
DREAD: Unlimited ammo
DRAG: Unlimited turbo

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Death Rally



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