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Digger (Harald Winkler)

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If the game prompts you to press Z and nothing happens, press Y instead. This is a German game, and the German keyboard layout swaps Z and Y (Z being a way more frequently used letter in German words).

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Digger (no connection to Digger (Windmill Software)) is a Boulder Dash like game that originally appeared in 1988 in East Germany on KC 85 microcomputers, and this is its unofficial DOS port with high-resolution graphics and more levels. Unlike Boulder Dash, each level/room in Digger takes up exactly one screen, and the levels are more puzzle-like, similar to Trugg and another German game, Die Pirateninsel.

The aim of the game is to collect a set number of diamonds lying around on the level, upon which the exit door opens, allowing to progress to the next "room" (level). Sometimes there are more diamonds than the minimum quota, but those are in hard to reach areas, making the extra effort worth the additional points. The player must keep an eye out on various hazards like boulders that may fall down and crush the player or block a pathway, and ghosts that patrol the caverns. The level exit must be reached before the countdown timer falls to zero.

Digger was marketed as shareware. The unregistered trial version contains 32 levels, but does not update the high scores list and does not allow to start playing from any other level than the first one. The registered game rewards the player with additional lives every 1,000 points, and includes a level editor.

Description by MrFlibble

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