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Developer: AcASoftware
Category:Turn-Based Strategy
Related games: Self-published

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When you start the game, make sure to make the second played computer-controlled in the setup. Each player starts with several units garrisoned in their HQ, use the Unload command (accessed by clicking the right mouse button) to deploy the naval transport with all the other units inside.

You might need to use HDPMI16 for the game sound to work properly in DOSBox.

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Game description

D.O.N.3d is a turn-based strategy game in the vein of the famous Empire, with very simple efficient 3D graphics. Just like Empire and similar games, the setting is completely ahistorical, with the sides using technologies vaguely similar to the present world or very near future.

Game maps are randomly generated, and each player starts with a city garrisoned by a small group of units. The rest of the map is concealed by the black shroud and must be gradually uncovered by sending out units to scout out the area. Each unit has a limited number of movement points that are spent according to terrain type (reflecting the varying difficulty in movement over different kinds of terrain), which are replenished at the beginning of every turn.

The player's HQ can either produce units or research new technologies, the latter being vital to expanding your forces. Newly researched units can be customized, with more powerful ones requiring more turns to both research and produce. You can create land, air and sea units, and also defensive and production structures. Only infantry can capture neutral cities to add them to the player's empire.

The game is primarily designed to be played between human opponents, and the AI is fairly rudimentary. However, playing against the AI allows the player to comfortably explore the game's mechanics at their own pace.

D.O.N.3d was distributed as shareware. The demo version only allows two-player matches on random maps of fixed size.

Description by MrFlibble

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