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Dragon Engine

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Dragon Engine was a project to create a construction set for Ultima-like top-down fantasy role-playing games (RPG). It reproduces most features found in the original Ultima series and adds various enhancements, including dynamic lighthing, CGI animation sequences, full sound and music support, and updated graphics in the Ultima style.

The project was left unfinished, but the available version of Dragon Engine (Beta 1.20) includes a fully featured editor that allows users to create new games from scratch, and a sample game. While it does not have a story and/or a main quest, the player can assemble a party, explore towns and dungeons, level up, buy equipment and try out other features.

The beta version was released as freeware. A newer release, version 1.35, is known to have existed, and even included a native Windows binary, but this version has not yet been found.

Description by MrFlibble

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