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Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty

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Also known as:
  • Dune 2 (informal title)
  • Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis (European title)
  • Dune II: Der Kampf um Arrakis (German title)
Category: Real-Time Strategy
Year: 1992
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Violence: !This game includes violence
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DOSBox: Supported (show details)

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executable: GO.BAT
Configured for DOSBox
Non-playable demo
1,928 kB
(1.88 MB)
Extras from Westwood FTP
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Once the demo starts, it will prompt to select sound device. If in DOSBox, press 3 for best sound quality. Then press 1 to use the extended memory.

The Extras archive contains files from Westwood Studios FTP site.


  • Ally yourself with one of the great houses. Each has different resources and tactics to draw upon. (image by Westwood Studios)
  • An already crippled Atreides base is under attack by Harkonnen forces. (image by Westwood Studios)
  • Atreides forces strike back against a very small Harkonnen outpost. (image by Westwood Studios)
  • A small Harkonnen Base in the desert. (image by Westwood Studios)
  • You'll have to determine when to build and fortify, and when to attack. (image by Westwood Studios)
  • No matter which side you choose to fight for, there are plenty of battles ahead. Pick your next area of operation... (image by Westwood Studios)
  • You are briefed on the next offensive against your enemy. (image by Westwood Studios)
  • Ordos Mentat Ammon advises you of the dangerous worm situation. (image by Westwood Studios)
  • The unstable Harkonnen Mentat Radnor informs you of the Radar facilities advantages during combat. (image by Westwood Studios)

Description (by Westwood Studios)

Inspired by the best selling science fiction adventure of all time, this simulation-strategy game takes resource management to epic proportions. As either the honorable Atreides, the mysterious Ordos or the brutal Harkonnens, you must overcome violent known and unknown adversaries to build up military prowess, political security and mining monopolies to secure the future of your dynasty on the planet of DUNE.

Forget turn-based strategy games of the past. Dune II: The Building of Dynasty puts you in the middle of the action in this real-time game with plenty of combat. With an easy to use interface, issuing orders to take out a sonic tank was never so easy, or fun. And there's more than just a few tanks in your path to total victory. You'll go up against the best the enemy has to offer, with more than 20 different units to command. Orders are immediate, your response time must be quick, and the enemy can be extremely brutal.

And since you get to select who your enemies are, replay value is extremely high in Dune II. Will you choose to ally yourself with House Atreides, a passive yet extremely loyal people? Maybe the savage Harkonnens are more to your liking. Their history of violence and fear have worked well in past conflicts, and will undoubtedly serve them well on DUNE. Or, are you more comfortable using weapons of trickery and deception? House Ordos is known for their success in sabotage and terrorism. Regardless of what side you fight for, there will be plenty of missions to command before victory is yours.

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