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Flight Action

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Category: Simulation
Year: 1997
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Game added by: MrFlibble
DOSBox: Supported

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executable: FADEMO.BAT
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Description (by Axisim Software)

Flight Action is an action-oriented World War II type flight simulator that combines ease of use and arcade action with advanced features such as: realtime 3D graphics, 360 degree virtual cockpit, flight recording, realistic artificial intelligence and a 3D stereo-vision mode. In addition, all flight and combat functions can be controlled with the mouse and joystick making it possible to concentrate on the action instead of the keyboard.

The Flight Action program provides flight and combat training that includes carrier landings, aerial dogfighting and air to ground bombing and strafing exercises.

When you are ready for action you can put your skills to the test in eight different levels of competitive air racing or engage in one of the five multi-level combat scenarios. Flight Action offers intense and fast paced air combat with numerous air and ground targets.



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Flight Action



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