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Flight of the Amazon Queen

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You can play Flight of the Amazon Queen on this website so you don't need to download and install the game on your computer. We recommend to use Google Chrome when playing DOS games online.

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  • executable: QUEENCD.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox

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Flight of the Amazon Queen: free!


To quit the demo, press F10.

This is a liberated game: it was originally commercial, but on 15 March 2004 author John Passfield made the full version freeware.

NOTE: This game can be played under Windows using the ScummVM engine recreation (see the links section below).

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Game description

Flight of the Amazon Queen is an irreverent pastiche of the adventure serials that were popular in the 1940's and is brimming with fun-filled action and a progressively difficult level of play.

Playing Joe King, pilot for hire, you must battle against all odds to stop an evil genius from taking over the World. Throw in a beautiful Amazonian princess, two misguided missionaries, some six foot tall pygmies and a mysterious ancient temple, and you've got yourself one fun filled game that'll probably keep you entertained a little longer than your average adventure.

Description by Interactive Binary Illusions

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