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Fruit Land

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  • executable: FRUIT/FRUIT.EXE
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This game uses a non-standard resolution, and it is recommended to play in fullscreen mode.

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Game description

Fruit Land is a puzzle game that feels like a mixture between Pac-Man, Soko-Ban and Boulder Dash. The player controls a Pac-Man-like yellow character, and the objective is to eat all cherries in the maze, while steering clear of roaming monsters and other hazards.

Each maze takes up entirely one screen, and needs to be completed within a limited amount of time. One of the more unique features for this kind of game is that you can pick up certain powerups that flip the entire screen upside down, making boulders fall to the bottom of the maze, which will almost certainly open up new passages. There are also one-time teleporters that move the player character around, which also need to be used very carefully. An important hint is that when you flip the screen as described above, the destination of each teleporter will change.

Fruit Land is a PC port of an MSX game by the same author that came out in 1998. However, the code had to be rewritten from scratch for the PC conversion, as the original source code was lost. The game was released as freeware and includes the source code in C.

Description by MrFlibble

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