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Developer: Martin Koleček
Related games: Self-published, Czech language

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Game description

Gambler is a simulation of a Czech slot machine. You can sell your various properties (like a TV set or a car) to make bets and gamble.

The game is entirely in Czech, so here are the instructions in the author's own words:

"have manual in game after you hit button "O" OVLADANI = controls at screen PRESS ENTER blinking (P=PENIZE = money , O=OVLADANI = controlls)
"only start game :
"go to P=PENIZE by hit button P
"select what do you want to sell for obtain amount of money (Czech Korunas CZK)
"as it is typical by that type of games mean slots in pubs there is no need manuals
"simply hit buttons what blinking , not shining buttons is not to press
"after you have Hotovost %= your balance money
"you can press 1-9-0 buttons for add money in or press by mouse 50 or 500
"slot start blinking buttons what is hitable
"start game = NUM0 (is not "S" what is described in OVLADANI=CONTROLLS old bug)
"you can stop J K L
"you can twice your win H O HEAD or EAGLE
"SEND win to Multiwin display by SPACE or M
"when you have multiwin fullfilled a little you can bet more by VSADIT (displey bet by left side)
"play by multiwin multiple your wins
"function WIN/- fullfill multiwin by AUTO or one by one by START NUM0
"AUTOSTART AUTO is targeted to be pressed 7x to rotate function
"feel free as you are on trip to Czech pub in Prague and meet that game there a tourist"

Description by MrFlibble

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