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Developer: Mad Genius Software
Publisher: Mad Genius Software
Category:First-Person Shooter
More details:MobyGames, Wikipedia
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There are two different demo versions of Gunmetal, each featuring four levels from the full game, but the levels are different between the versions. The second demo has a Windows installer.

NOTE: The game has a native Windows version. Each demo comes with a Windows executable.

Please refer to the readme file on how to run the 3dfx version of the game.

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Game description

Levels in Gunmetal are much more complex, interesting, varied and interactive than in most combat simulators. No more wandering around empty hills! Environments include city streets, deep space mining facilities, corporate arcologies, oil-refineries, alien ruins. Environmental special effects will have a direct bearing on game play as well, with radiation zones, low-gravity areas, rain storms, earthquakes, sulphur lakes, trains, rivers that wash you downstream! Each level will have very specific mission parameters with puzzles for you to solve. Place explosives, steal enemy weapon design specs, dig in and defend a small town from an invading army. Gunmetal takes the 3D shooter to places it's never been before!

Customize your tanks in Gunmetal. At the start of each level you will be able to add and remove weapons, redistribute armor, even build an entirely different vehicle. Salvage from defeated opponents the raw materials to upgrade your tank in whatever way you see fit. Some levels will be better suited to fast, light tanks. Others will require stealth or severe firepower. Hints will be given as to what is required in the briefing for each level. Deathmatch games will be far more intriguing than in other games, as players match their strategic wits as well as their reflexes.

Tanks in Gunmetal have armor, with separate stats for each of four sides (front and back, left and right). Armor protects the internal components, and is the first thing damaged by combat. Tactics in Gunmetal become much more intense than in other games, as players will want to concentrate their attacks on the armor sides that have already been damaged. They will also want to protect their own weakened armor, keeping stronger sides towards the enemy. Beginning players won't have to worry about this; your overwhelming firepower will still destroy any enemy, but astute players will be able to enjoy the added tactical complexity. Game graphics will also show damage as it happens, so players can see what sides are weakened at a glance.

Gunmetal also provides a two-player splitscreen mode, allowing two players to play simultaneously on one machine. Now players without access to networks or reliable modems can finally enjoy multi-player 3-D combat.

Gunmetal's 3-D engine is one of the most capable, realistic, and efficient engines in the PC game industry. It makes use of every trick and special effect available in order to deliver stunning graphics at a high frame rate. Here's some of what Gunmetal has to offer:
Full 3-D environments beyond what any other game can boast: sloping floors, arching ceilings, rough terrain, earth tremors, water, lava, ice, fog, rain, all rendered smoothly and efficiently.
Full 3-D objects and opponents. Tanks, drones, robots and missiles, all rendered as complete poly objects.
Realistic motions and collisions. Tanks bank when they turn, jump ramps, and tumble off of cliff sides. Lighter vehicles can catch the sloping surface on the front of an enemy tank, and drive right up and over them. Spot hiding damaged tanks by the smoke they give off.
Lightmaps and realtime lighting effects. Shadows, flashes, spotlights, even reflective and transparent surfaces. Marble floors that shine!
Fully customizable graphics settings, and both forwards and backwards compatibility. Play in hi-res with reflections and full special effects on a Pentium 133, or simplify the display and play on a P-90. No game on the market looks better without a 3D accelerator card!

Description by Mad Genius Software

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