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You can play HalfLight on this website so you don't need to download and install the game on your computer. We recommend to use Google Chrome when playing DOS games online.

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  • executable: HALFLITE.EXE
  • version 1.02


The game difficulty can be adjusted in the options menu. By default, it is set to Hard.

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Game description

HalfLight is a very nicely done vertical scrolling shoot-'em up with a plot. Taking place in a very distant future where animal-esque "neohumans" have colonized many planets. it tells the story of a conflict between the monotheistic Jvaran Empire and the Gn'rthan that practice freedom of conscience. The player character is Captain Kvor Arrlson, whose task is to spearhead an assault into Gn'rthan territory in a single but powerful ship, facing waves of AI-controlled enemy fighter craft.

The player starts off with a single weak cannon and a limited supply of bombs that can take out the whole screen of enemies at once. Eventually, you will pick up weapon upgrades and sidekicks that greatly increase your firepower.

Each level starts with Arrlson being briefed on the mission by General Saro Kveld, but regardless of the objectives, a major part of the game will be just pushing through the ever-increasing waves of enemy ships.

Overall, HalfLight is quite polished and offers a very smooth playing experience. Even though it was produced by a one-man team, it reaches almost professional quality in almost every aspect. The art is hand-drawn and has simple but consistent style, while the animations are clean and readable, and sound effects and music are also on the level as well. The intro animation contains short pre-rendered scenes.

There are six levels in this game. Author David Grace also released an updated Windows version with additional game modes, various tweaks and certain quality-of-life improvements.

Description by MrFlibble

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