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Developer: Bullfrog Productions
Publisher: Electronic Arts
More details:Official game website, MobyGames, Wikipedia
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High speed, high risk, high stakes it's Hi-Octane. Hi-Octane is Bullfrog's first ever pure arcade action game and what a game it is combining technical innovation with the fastest, cruellest driving game ever. It's speed and action all the way to the finish line.

In the bleak streets of the 21st century, joy riders still drive for kicks. But this time it's a drive to the death. Hi-Octane is a high intensity arcade style combat game that puts you at the wheel of a futuristic car capable of 200 mph plus. Drive any way you like through the tight streets of the city or the open wastelands and deserts beyond: with an armour plated car that leaves a Ferrari for dust and a couple of handy accessories that you'd never see on a Volvo (like a missile launcher and a chain gun), nothing can get in your way.

And if you do happen to come across any innocent pedestrians crossing the road ..... remember your highway code: Mirror. Signal. Fire!!!

Hi-Octane delivers exhilarating arcade action, a choice of 6 different vehicles, an awesome choice of weaponry and a variety of scenery (Cities, Wasteland or Desert)

With a 12 player multi player facility it's up to the driver to find the fastest route so drive anywhere you want and take advantage of the practice mode before officially entering this drive to the death contest.

Hi-Octane is hugely faster than Magic Carpet, whose speed stunned the computer game industry just six months ago. It also features metamorphosing terrain. Therefore no track or race remains the same for very long, meaning that simply becoming familiar with a track does not give any player an advantage, as the track literally changes before your eyes.

With a host of other options from configurable details, 3D sound, SVGA and four different views, Hi-Octane can be played either as a straight racing game or as a combat game. To win the player has two options either as the first one across the finishing line or as the last player alive.

Description by Bullfrog Productions

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