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Developer: Georg Rottensteiner
Publisher: Byte Wizard
More details:Official game website
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HitBlock is an arcade/puzzle game modelled after Crillion. It is somewhat similar to Breakout because the player's objective is to remove all coloured blocks from the screen by using the ball, but here, the ball is controlled directly by the player, without the use of a paddle, and will only break blocks of the same colour as the ball itself.

Since blocks come in several colours, there are special colour-changing blocks that will recolour the ball into their colour when it touches them. There are also blocks that look like 3.5" disks, which cannot be destroyed, but the player may push them around, and deadly blocks that will destroy the ball if it touches one. All these elements allow to create various puzzles that require both thinking and dexterity, as the bouncing ball needs to be carefully manoeuvred around the playing field.

Author Georg Rottensteiner released HitBlock as freeware. The game includes 40 levels and a level editor (with additional slots for up to 59 more user-created levels).

Description by MrFlibble

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