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Hunchback (FireBall Software)

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Press Left and Right Shift to move the character around, Space bar to jump.

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This is an unofficial DOS conversion of Ocean Software's Hunchback for the BBC Micro. Very loosely based on Victor Hugo's famous novel, here the player controls the eponymous hunchback Quasimodo on his quest to free Esmeralda, who, in this game, for some reason looks like a Late Middle Ages European noble imprisoned in what appears to be a mediaeval castle.

The path to Esmeralda lies through the castle's walls, where Quasimodo needs to brave various obstacles. Each wall section takes up exactly one screen, where the hero needs to get from the left side to the right and ring the bell. The hazards include cannon balls, arrows, bottomless pits that must be crossed by jumping and holding to a swinging rope, an pikemen that try to stab Quasimodo from below. As the levels progress, more and more of these are combined into a single screen, so that very precise timing is needed to complete the levels.

Hunchback was originally marketed as shareware, but later the author released the entire game and its source code (in Borland's Turbo Pascal 4.0 and assembler) into the Public Domain.

Description by MrFlibble

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