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Indian Commander in Robot Confrontation

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Developer: T. S. Karthik
More details:Official game website
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For optimal game speed in DOSBox (including the browser version), press Ctrl+F12 repeatedly to increase emulated CPU cycles to about 20.000.

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Game description

Indian Commander in Robot Confrontation is a very simple but charming side-scrolling platform game. The eponymous Indian Commander is tasked with destroying battle robots that are being tested by hostile aliens. You can jump, run, duck and shoot a powerful gun with unlimited ammo, but defeating the robots is not a walk in the park still.

The game plays very smoothly, but only uses PC speaker sound effects. The graphics are simple but look good, and there is a save/load game feature as well.

Author T. S. Karthik released Indian Commander as freeware.

Description by MrFlibble

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