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  • Update
  • MS-DOS
  • 85 kB (0.08 MB)


You need to use NumPad arrow keys to move around, and Ctrl and Alt to use the acid to dissolve tiles to the left and to the right of the player character, respectively.

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Game description

Infiltrator is an arcade platform puzzle game inspired by Lode Runner. The player controls an agent sent to secret strongholds of where a worldwide crime organization hides stolen art and treasures from the world's museums and banks.

Each game screen/level represents a single room of the stronghold, with treasure items lying around, and guards that are out to catch the agent. As in Lode Runner, the player's only weapon is the ability to temporarily dissolve floor tiles using special acid, which opens up new paths and allows to trap or even disable guards (however any guards destroyed by a regenerating floor tile will immediately respawn).

There is no time limit, so the game plays like a puzzle once you figured out the guards' movement patterns. Levels tend to have "gotcha" kind of traps like floor tiles that look solid but the player (and guards) fall through them. Thankfully, it is possible to save the game after completing a level, or use a DOSBox build with save states (for those who are not shy of save scumming).

In spite of simple graphics and sometimes frustrating in-game situations, Infiltrator provides a rather solid experience, and most importantly, it does not press the player to rush the levels, giving more time to think and plan their moves. That involves a bit of trial and error, and ideally having unlimited lives would be a better solution (since you can save and load your game anyway), but it's good as it is.

Infiltrator was originally sold as shareware. The unregistered version contains 50 levels, or the entire first stronghold. Registered users would receive more levels and a level editor. Eventually author Soleil Lapierre made the registered version upgrade available as a free download.

Description by MrFlibble

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