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Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

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Category: Turn-Based Strategy
Year: 1996
More details: MobyGames
Violence: !This game includes violence
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DOSBox: Supported (show details)

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Jagged Alliance: Deadly
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Description (by Sir-Tech Software)

In Jagged Alliance, a bunch of quirky and unpredictable mercenaries taught you a thing about attitude. In Deadly Games, they're all back, joined by new mercs, and they have more attitude than ever. Upholding the ground-breaking standard for character and personality set in Jagged Alliance, Deadly Games takes it to a whole new dimension.

The intense challenge of single and multiplayer tactical combat gets personal in Deadly Games. Featuring a unique new approach, Deadly Games offers completely flexible gameplay. Whether it be single or multiplayer, Campaign Play or Single Scenarios, each battle promises to be packed with action, loaded with personality, and jammed with excitement.

To top it off, Deadly Games features new deadly weapons to take on tougher opponents (like your friends), and single-player battles against up to 32 computer enemies. Offering intense excitement against superb computer AI and gameplay against crafty, unpredictable live opponents, Deadly Games is one of the most creative, flexible gaming environments around.

And if you think we can come up with nasty missions, just think what you can do with the built-in Scenario and Campaign Ediors! Create custom battles and missions, share them with your friends and enemies, but above all, remember . . .




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