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Jane's Combat Simulations: Advanced Tactical Fighters

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Also known as:
  • ATF (common abbreviation)
Category: Simulation
Year: 1996
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  • According to the dash-one manual: Flying a stealth fighter at high noon over the desert may adversely affect low-observability technology. (image by Electronic Arts)
  • The cockpit view from an F-117 Nighthawk on terminal approach. (image by Electronic Arts)
  • A B-2 Spirit directing a stick of MK-82 bombs onto a hardened command structure. Why? Why not! (image by Electronic Arts)
  • Mirage 2000 fighters respond to the Nighthawk's intrusion of their airspace. (image by Electronic Arts)
  • The F-117 Nighthawk taking heavy fire. Apparently stealth technology was not properly employed here. (image by Electronic Arts)
  • A trio of laser-guided bombs walking their way into the mouth of an aircraft hanger. This will definately leave a mark. (image by Electronic Arts)
  • A Royal Air Force Tornado making a less than graceful egress from a hot 'Dimpy'. (image by Electronic Arts)
  • A marine Av-8 Harrier III. Sounds like a lot of lineage for such an in-the-dirt combat air support fighter doesn't it? (image by Electronic Arts)
  • The calling card of the B-2b Spirit is a bright series of burning structures and personnel. (image by Electronic Arts)
  • Quick missions allow you to fly Harriers against X-32 Fighters, just because you want to. (image by Electronic Arts)
  • Another gorgeous shot of the F-117 Nighthawk over the deserts of Egypt. Great photo op, bad mission planning. (image by Electronic Arts)
  • Battle of the vectored thrust fighters, so much for the X-32's advanced technology. (image by Electronic Arts)

Description (by Electronic Arts)

Jane's Combat Simulations presents the next generation of air combat in the Fighters of the early 21st Century. Stealth, Speed, and Agility will dominate the next era of air combat. B-2A Spirits will roam invisible behind enemy lines on deep strike missions. F-22s will engage super-cruise capabilities to ambush unsuspecting bogies. The XF-31 will drop into post-stall turns with vectored thrust to turn the tables on pursuing bandits. The exotic air combat technologies of the early 21st Century are brought to reality in Advanced Tactical Fighters, the sequel to the smash hit U.S. Navy Fighters. Advanced Tactical Fighters combines superior graphics and simulation technology with the vast military expertise of Jane's Defense Information to create a truly authentic future of air combat.



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Jane's Combat Simulations: Advanced Tactical Fighters



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