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Kingdom: The Far Reaches

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Also known as:
  • Kingdom: The Far Reaches - Book One (full title)
  • Thayer's Quest
Category: Adventure
Year: 1995
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DOSBox: Supported (show details)

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Kingdom: The Far


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Description (by Interplay Productions)

Stunning animation, intriguing puzzles and spectacular hand-drawn animations rendered in state-of-the-art full-motion video combine together to create an amazing world of epic proportion in the role-playing tradition. A fully animated multi-media adventure of majestic scope by the creative makers of Dragon's Lair, Kingdom: The Far Reaches gives the adventurous player countless locations to discover and explore in a truly interactive land that the whole family will love to visit.

Hidden puzzles and changing features create new challenges for adventure at every turn in this non-linear game which allows players to choose their own paths to glory and adventure unfolding a different story each time it's played. Multiple levels of difficulty ensure that both beginners and advanced players will find an exciting and challenging quest at every turn. A rich soundtrack and professional voice actors bring the characters to life to round out the overall experience.

A fantastical adventure of magic and danger, Kingdom: The Far Reaches takes place long ago in the far-off land of the Five Kingdoms where a talisman known as "The Hand" was shattered into five pieces and hidden throughout the Far Reaches. Dark magic spread throughout the land and the evil wizard Torlok began his reign of terror and suffering. Now the fate of the Five Kingdoms rests on the quest of a young man, the last of the Argent Kings.

The fulfillment of ancient prophecy, his challenge is to seek out and rejoin the shattered pieces of the talisman, restoring freedom to a doomed world. Over 30 magic spells and items of power and skill give the player-king the tools necessary to combat the evil that threatens to stand in his way. A rich storytelling experience of magic and danger awaits the player seeking a quest of adventure and glory in the wondrous world of imagination and legend that is Kingdom: The Far Reaches.



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Kingdom: The Far Reaches



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