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Developer: wiSdom Software
Related games: Self-published

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Lazer is a puzzle game where you need to arrange light-transmitting nodes into a circuit to produce a beam of white light from several coloured beams (red, green and blue). The nodes can either emit or pass through light, and can be rotated to complete the puzzle. The coloured arrowheads on the sides of each node indicate which beam colour passes in or out. Some nodes can pass through any colour and have grey arrows.

The game is controlled with keyboard only. Space bar selects a node, arrow keys move it around the playing field. Q rotates a node counter-clockwise and W rotates it in the opposite direction (the manual says to use A and Z to rotate the pieces, but this is because in France where the game was developed, he AZERTY keyboard layout is standard instead of the usual QWERTY). Press Enter to emit the light. If everything is done right this will complete the current level.

Levels become progressively difficult, with more nodes on the playing field. The registered version had 50 levels.

Description by MrFlibble

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