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Developer: Scott Haag
Publisher: Axe Productions
More details:Official game website
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LobSter is a simple yet entertaining artillery game similar to Scorched Earth. It can be played by up to five human players, or solo against up to four computer opponents. Each player controls a stationary gun that can fire three types of rounds with different explosive power, with the objective to destroy all opponents on the field. The shells can destroy terrain and as such alter the landscape, making it easier or more difficult for the opponents to fire at each other, depending on the situation.

If the game is played for one round, whoever manages to destroy all other players' guns wins. If the game is set for more than one round, the winner of each round is rewarded with cash which may be spent on buying more powerful ammo types (the default shell type which is the weakest is in infinite supply).

LobSter was released as freeware by its author Scott Haag.

Description by MrFlibble

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