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Logan's Fight

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Developer: Samir Aličehajić
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Use the arrow keys to move, hold Left Shift to run, and press LShift + up to jump (doing this while running will result in a running jump. Pressing Space draws your gun, and LShift is used to fire. Press Backspace to open the inventory, and Right Sift for the messages screen. Enter activates an item or object, like a pickup or a terminal.

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Game description

Logan's Fight is a cinematic platformer that liberally "borrows" art from Delphine Software's Flashback, and plays very similarly to that game.

According to the story, aliens invaded Earth in 2010, and somehow only one person called Logan can put up a fight and drive them back. He is sent by his superior to the Amazon jungle to take out the alien base, and from then on this will be a one-man battle against the numerous invaders, culminating with taking the fight back to their homeworld and eliminating their leader.

The game introduces some adventure-style elements like inventory management (you'll have to manually reload your gun, among other things), messages from Logan's superior, and light puzzles. Otherwise, it plays quite similar to Flashback: you run, jump and climb, and have to gun down alien guards before they can hit you.

Like in Flashback, you can walk with the gun drawn, but also duck and roll. However, and important hint for combat is that if you drop from one platform to another below from a roll while holding the gun, Logan will not be holding it when he lands, so you'll need to draw it again. However, if you walk to the ledge with the gun drawn and jump to the platform below, you will be still in firing mode when you land. So never roll down if there are aliens on the platform below your current one.

Despite its obviously derivative nature. the author of Logan's Fight sold it as shareware. There are six levels in the registered game, following Logan's journey from Earth to the aliens' homeworld. A native Windows version was also released in 2006-2007.

Description by MrFlibble

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