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Lords of Midnight PC

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  • executable: MIDNIGHT.COM
  • version 1.10

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The Lords of Midnight: free!


The controls in the game copy the Spectrum layout. Please refer to the reference card on the official site for keyboard controls.

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This is a conversion of the Mike Singleton's epic fantasy adventure/strategy hybrid The Lords of Midnight for ZX Spectrum. Accomplished through reverse-engineering, it faithfully reproduces the original game mechanics, look and feel.

The game is set in a fantasy world somewhat similar to that of The Lord of the Rings. There is an evil force of Doomdark coming from the north and threatening to enslave the entire world of Midnight. Doomdark is opposed by the Free, and to a lesser extent the Fey who dwell in forests and try not to get involved. The player controls several characters and views the world from the first-person perspective. Each character can travel alone or with an army, explore the world and fight enemies. The latter involves both minor encounters with groups of monsters and large-scale battles.

The game is played in turns, with one turn corresponding to one in-game day. During the day, each character can travel across several screens and take certain actions until nightfall, which is the equivalent of spending all "movement points" for the turn. The main characters are Luxor the Moonprince and his son Morkin, but other characters also join the fight. Each character can perform various actions in any location, fighting and recruiting forces, as well as hiding from enemy or looking for special things.

There are two major ways of winning the game: either defeating Doomdark by force of arms and conquering his citadel, or by leading Morkin, alone, to destroy the Ice Crown that is the source of Doomdark's power (the parallels with The Lord of the Rings should be pretty obvious).

Author Chris Wild initially developed the conversion of The Lords of Midnight as a hobby project, but eventually received official permission from Mike Singleton to make the game available as a free download. Chris Wild later developed an updated native Windows version, which is available from the official site (please see the links section below) as well as free of charge.

Description by MrFlibble

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