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Developer: Terraform Software Systems
Publisher: Manaccom
Category:Real-Time Strategy
More details:Official game website

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  • executable: LTWEB.BAT
  • configured for DOSBox

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Game description

LunaTicks is an odd action/real-time strategy hybrid that somewhat resembles the old Sega game Herzog Zwei, but also appears to have been in part inspired by M.U.L.E.

The player controls a mining base on a planet or asteroid. A loan has been drawn from a bank to establish the base, and now it must be efficiently operated to repay that loan. For this purpose, the base can produce mining equipment, as well as various upgrades and defences -- yes, there are rivals which are also bent to paying back their loans and, more importantly, claiming the mineral-rich planet(oid) all for themselves.

Like in Herzog Zwei, the player cannot control anything directly except for their combat ship, the eponymous Tick. These come in several shapes (only two are selectable in the demo version), but their basic functionality is to fly around and fire, and to carry other units and items as a way of indirectly manipulating them.

For example, to mine for ore, which is the main source of income, you need to use your Tick to pick up a Cutter Orb by pressing the Alt key, then launch it against a nearby rock by pressing Ctrl. If the rock cannot be mined, the orb will bounce off, otherwise it will start mining. Moreover, once an orb has reached its maximum carrying capacity, you need to manually pick it up and bring it back to the base to get the ore processed. This alone is a highly questionable design choice.

The game offers different types of AI opponents which are supposed to use different strategies (defence, resource accumulation, relentless attack, etc.). However, after trying several settings I found out that all would invariably send their Tick to attack and harass the player. Each player's Tick has 10 "lives", and also limited fuel, energy and ammo, which may be replenished by producing corresponding items at the base. However, you can also play without any opponents at all, and there is a built-in tutorial to get the player acquainted with the basics.

The demo contains one stage and two types of Ticks selectable for the player.

Description by MrFlibble

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