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Megaman X: Wreckage

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Developer: Blackmoth Entertainment
More details:Official game website
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You need to set DOSBox to emulate at least 63 MiB of RAM (more ram available only in forks like DOSBox-X) for this game to work.

Press Ctrl to jump, Alt to fire (hold for a charged shot). Alt+X exits to DOS.

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Game description

Megaman X: Wreckage is a Mega Man X fangame. Mega Man X finds himself in a junkyard with no memory of getting there, and must fight hostile robots to get out.

You generally move the character from the left side of the level to the exit on the right, dodging projectiles and shooting hostiles to clear the path ahead. Note that enemies seem to respawn once you move away from the screen where you fought them, and will try to shoot at you from the back. Defeating stage bosses allows Mega Man to collect and use their weapons in further levels.

The game was created with DIV Games Studio and uses original Mega Man artwork, but offers completely new levels.

Description by MrFlibble

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