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Mirror Magic

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Click the mirrors with the left or right mouse button to rotate them.

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Mirror Magic is an enhanced cross-platform port of 1989 Amiga puzzle game Mindbender, created by the same author, Holger Schemel. Additionally, Mirror Magic allows to play recreated levels from another game with similar mechanics called Deflektor, which was originally for Commodore 64.

In both these games, the player must clear the screen of certain objects by directing a laser beam at them by the means of rotating mirrors. The beam will also reflect from other surfaces like walls, but if it is directed back at the source or at certain objects, it will start to overheat. Additionally, the laser beam source will eventually run out of fuel, so each level must be completed before that happens.

Mirror Magic includes level sets from both Deflektor and Mindbender. In the former, the objective is to clear the screen of all mines (represented by grey orbs), then direct the beam to the receiver that represents the exit. In Mindbender, the beam comes from a wizard whose apprentices hold the mirrors, and the goal is to destroy cauldrons and other items.

Mirror Magic was originally written for Amiga in 1989 and then ported to UNIX-like systems, DOS, Windows and Mac. The game is free and its source code is available under the GNU General Public License.

Description by MrFlibble

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