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Munch Man

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You can enable music and sound effects in the Options menu. First, set Sound Blaster to ON, then turn on music and sounds.

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Munch Man is a Pac-Man clone with a few twists. As in Pac-Man, the player's objective is to eat all dots in the maze while avoiding ghosts, but here, the player is only shown a zoomed-in small portion of the maze around the eponymous Munch Man at any given time, and only a really tiny mini-map of the entire maze is available for navigation. The player can still collect "power pellets" that make ghosts vulnerable for a limited time and gobble them up for extra points.

A more radical departure from the classis Pac-Man formula is the two-player mode where one player controls a ghost, and the "Haunt mode" where ghosts are invisible.

Munch Man was originally sold as shareware, but on 1 August 2003 Inter-Active Arts made the full version of the game freeware.

Description by MrFlibble

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