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Operation Vulture 3: Cyber Chopper

Game information

Developer: H/M Software
Publisher: H/M Software
Related games: Liberated (former commercial), Helicopter

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  • includes installer
  • version 1.10

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Game description

Cyber Chopper is a side-scrolling shooter featuring a futuristic helicopter called the Vulture, sent into combat against the well-equipped army of a certain Dr. Magnetus who is apparently a stereotypical Bond villain.

The game tries to be realistic in how the helicopter flies, so this is not your run of the mill side-scrolling shooter. You'll need to watch throttle, pitch, fuel level and weight to stay in the air, which will be the primary concern before you can even start shooting baddies. Even though the Vulture can withstand a lot of damage (at least, on the lower difficulty levels), fuel will run low fairly quickly, so you need to find enemy bases that you can capture to refuel and reload.

The Vulture is armed with a gun that has unlimited rounds, bombs and cluster bombs. Because of how the copper files, you might need some practice before you'll be able to successfully hit anything. You can fly in any direction, so it is possible to return to a missed target and repeat the run. Dr. Magnetus' forces are quite varied, including gunboats, infantry, vehicles, flak cannons and even missile silos. Thankfully, the Vulture is heavily armed (which is one of the things that make it unique), so unfriendly fire will likely be less of a concern compared to the limited fuel.

Cyber Chopper was originally sold as shareware. The full game could be freely passed around, but you'd need to register after a trial period. Registered users would also receive the sequel, Escape from Station 7. However, in 2020 author Chuck Homic made both games freeware for non commercial purposes with the following license:

"As the original author, I hereby grant an individual non-commercial license to whoever wants to play these games, as long as you do not misrepresent the authorship, or attempt to profit from the distribution. Contact me if you are interested in any other rights."

Description by MrFlibble

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